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Guided Biofilm Therapy

Professional tooth cleaning with GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY makes you feel good. A cleaning session is like a wellness spa experience. The treatment is painless and does not damage the teeth. GBT is today’s game changer and has nothing in common with the old dental hygiene methods from the ‘60s.

What is Biofilm?

Dental biofilm isn’t something you can see, smell, or feel. But it’s a main cause of tooth decay (cavities), gum disease (periodontitis) and even tooth loss.

Did you know that the soft layer of your teeth has millions of different bacteria, good and bad? The bacteria in your mouth thrives and feeds on the food you eat (especially sugar). Biofilm is a bacteria that turns sugar into acids, and is a main cause of tooth decay. The mass of bacteria is oral biofilm, otherwise known as dental plaque. GBT removes up to 100% of biofilm, keeping your teeth and gums in the best shape possible.

How It Works

GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY removes biofilm, discolorations, and calculus entirely. It’s gentle on the tooth surfaces and gums, and is the result of years of clinical research by Switzerland’s EMS conducted in conjunction with leading experts. GBT is an 8 step process.

Benefits of GBT

  • Pain-free tooth cleaning
  • Less use of manual instruments means it won’t damage teeth
  • Efficient, fast, and minimally invasive
  • Improved ability to accurately detect cavities
  • Facilitates the removal of tartar and removes stains
  • Treats and prevents gingivitis
  • Contributes to the treatment of peri-implantitis in a minimally invasive way
  • Helps with maintaining braces
  • Prevents the risk of sensitivity by reserving exposed dentin
graphic outlining the 8 step process for GBT
8-Step GBT Process

Watch GBT in action

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