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The Power of a Smile by Dr. Lanny Jacob

The Power of a Smile by Dr. Lanny Jacob

The Power of a Smile by Dr. Lanny Jacob

One thing that I think we sometimes take for granted is having a beautiful smile. A smile is so many things – it gives confidence, it expresses confidence, it’s a sign of happiness, a simple wordless greeting, and so much more.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their idea of a perfect smile. Even I’m not immune – I happily donned braces at 40 years of age to achieve mine! Helping patients achieve that ideal smile is something that I truly enjoy and appreciate. Cases of this nature can be more ‘simple’, but in many instances it can take a lot of work to get to the finished product. But, it is ALWAYS worth it.

She Smiled and Cried Tears of Joy

In the many years that I’ve been practicing dentistry I’ve seen a wide variety of dental cases.

A more recent memorable case involved a patient who had always felt embarrassed by the discolouration of her upper teeth. By using full porcelain crowns and bridges, we were able to give her a smile that she thought she would only ever dream of. When the time came to pass her the mirror for the reveal she was so happy that she cried tears of joy! To see that kind of delight is something that I can’t even begin to explain.

It is so satisfying to complete a case, regardless of how complex it is. Witnessing a patients happiness and seeing how appreciative they are when we hand them over the mirror is the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever had.

Never doubt the possibilities – you can achieve the smile that you dream of. Let us help you discover that confidence!

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