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40 Years of Being a Dentist in Winnipeg

Recently, I had the opportunity to celebrate my 40th year in dentistry. 40 years of being a dentist in Winnipeg…wow does time fly! I am pretty sure I don’t feel that old, but the years don’t lie.  To celebrate, our graduating class had a reunion weekend. The turnout was excellent, and it was amazing to see how close many of us still are after all these years. Here’s a fun group shot of us at our final dinner.

Winnipeg Dentists40 years is a time for celebration, but also a time for reflection. Dentistry has been a very rewarding career for me. I love that I am not only helping people maintain their health, but also increase their self-esteem. A smile you are proud of really makes a wondrous difference in self-confidence.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of the amazing dentists, Winnipeg dentists and otherwise, who I’ve had an opportunity to work with. These mentors carry such a love for the profession and have passed this passion on to me.

Improvements & changes to dentistry in Winnipeg

40 years as a dentist in Winnipeg means that I’ve seen a lot of changes and improvements to old processes. Being witness to the ever-changing landscape of dentistry has been both fun and interesting, as it has kept me on my toes. All of the new, modern technologies that have helped increase precision and process length times, the move to digital charting, stepping back from analogue x-rays, the emergence of 3D imaging – the list really can go on and on. This is where I give major thanks to the local Winnipeg dental organizations for their continuing education seminars, the monthly journals, and of course, their use of the internet to spread the information!

We are really noticing an increase in the recognized importance of maintaining oral health. In addition, there has been a noticeable increase in the desire for those with dental concerns to get them addressed so that they can live the lifestyle (and eat all the foods!) that they desire. That makes me proud. The future of dentistry is very bright and I love being a part of the Winnipeg dentist community.

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