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Cosmetic Bonding

Dental bonding is a great way to fix cavities or broken teeth, and also improve the look of healthy teeth. This painless process allows us to make minor repairs to your teeth and we can often address several teeth in one dental visit.

What is cosmetic bonding?

We use a tooth-colour material called composite resin and place it on the tooth. Once in place, we carefully shape the tooth and then harden the material with a light. There are many benefits to composite resin, giving us flexibility to perfectly match the rest of your smile.

  • Matched to your teeth.
  • Shaped to look like the missing part of a chipped tooth.
  • Used to build up teeth and fill between them.
  • Used on a broken tooth to restore it to size.
  • Painted over a stained tooth to make it match the colour of your other teeth.

How is dental bonding done?

We liken it to an art around here. The first step is placement of a matrix between the tooth we need to treat and the one next to it. This matrix is a thin, clear plastic film that helps protect the teeth around it from stray composite resin while we work on the one that needs it.

Once that is in place, we use a conditioner to help make your tooth a little bit rough so that the composite resin will stick to the enamel of your tooth. We carefully select the colour of resin that matches to the other teeth to ensure it blends nicely, and then we layer it on. Each layer is hardened using a light, and once the last layer is in place it’s time to shape and polish your tooth! The finished look is natural and smooth and ready to show off. There are instances where the bonding wears down over time, so we check up on your bonding every visit to help keep it looking its best.

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