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Smiles are a universal language. But not everyone feels confident or happy with theirs. We often fascinate with the “movie-star” smile – the perfectly shaped, sparkly white teeth smile.

Dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure that delivers on creating that smile by attaching very thin shells to the front of your teeth. It’s your natural teeth, beautified. Whether you’re dealing with misshapen teeth, discoloured teeth, broken teeth or chipped teeth, or unwanted gaps between teeth, dental veneers can deliver on a whole new beautiful smile. Plus, it’s quick & painless!

tooth veneer on teeth

When it comes to the type of veneer, there are two main options: porcelain and composite veneers.

Composite resin veneers are not as strong as porcelain veneers, and the process is a lot like that of dental bonding. The composite resin is colour-matched to your natural teeth, applied in layers and hardened with a bright light after each layer. Your dentist then shapes and polishes the resin to form your tooth, leaving you with a natural, smooth finish. This all happens in one visit, you can walk out with a whole new smile.

Porcelain veneers (or porcelain laminate veneers) are a longer-lasting and stronger option, and they are known to keep their colour (and avoid stains!), which is why they’re the go-to for us at Advanced Dental Arts.

The dental veneer procedure involves two appointments. The first appointment is when we remove a super thin layer of enamel from your teeth and take a mold of your teeth – a key step in crafting the custom-made dental veneers. In some cases,  temporary veneers will be placed on your teeth (to replace the removed enamel) for you to wear while your porcelain ones get made. Temporary veneers are very fragile and tend to come loose easily, so it’s important to be gentle with them while eating and cleaning.

Now, not everyone is a candidate for porcelain veneers. There are a few things that can impact whether or not they’ll be an option for you:

  • If you have untreated gum disease (periodontal disease), or if your tooth is decayed. These problems need to be addressed first.
  • Lack of enamel (this impacts the ability of the veneer to stick properly)
  • Too much of the tooth is missing (in this case a crown could be a better option)
  • You’re a tooth grinder/clencher (this can chip or break porcelain veneers)

The cost of veneer teeth varies from person to person. In Manitoba, it typically costs around $600 – $800 per veneer, and as with most cosmetic treatments, it isn’t always covered by insurance. We do offer financing at our office through Dental Card, giving you a way to choose a payment plan that works best for you.


Veneers are easy to upkeep, and although made to be tough and durable, they can chip. Be mindful of that when eating, chewing, biting, or tearing food. Luckily, if needed, it’s not hard to replace veneers.

The best way to care for them is by keeping up with your oral health and hygiene. That means regular brushing, mouth-washing, flossing, and regular dental visits. With proper care, it’s possible for them to last you up to 20 years!

It’s important, as with any cosmetic dentistry procedure, to work with your dentist to ensure that this treatment makes sense for you. At our Winnipeg dental office, we offer complimentary consultations where you can come in and chat with us without any pressure. We’ll answer any questions you have and are happy to be a second opinion. Call us today.

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