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At our Winnipeg dental office, we use only white fillings (composite resin). White fillings provide longevity and function but they also have a more natural look to them than the old silver fillings. Composite resin used in white fillings doesn’t have any mercury content in the filling. This removes any concerns from a toxicity standpoint that may be associated with silver fillings (amalgam).

It’s important to remember that no filling lasts forever. It is normal for a filling to need replacement years down the line due to normal wear and tear. The techniques we employ at our Winnipeg dental office allow for a natural look once the filling is in place.


What to expect with fillings

Gentle is our goal at Advanced Dental Arts. If you are coming into our office for a filling, you can be confident in knowing that we do everything we can to ensure you feel at ease for your appointment. This includes before, during and after your filling appointment. Dealing with anxiety about dentistry? There are some great options to help keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable during your visit. Make sure to read more about how sleep dentistry could help you.

Get comfortable in our chair and we’ll set you up with a sterilized set of glasses to protect your eyes. The next step is freezing your mouth, which is a quick count to three. You won’t even notice we’ve put the freezing in place! Once your mouth is frozen, we’ll get to work on your filling after isolating the teeth to be restored with a rubber dam to help keep the treatment area dry. A dry operating field is important for a proper filling.

Once your filling is complete, you can wave goodbye to your cavity and head back to your daily routine.


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