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Dental Fillings

Dealing with a cavity or damaged tooth? You are not alone! These are actually some of the most common oral health problems we come across. Cavities can affect anyone, even people who are very stringent with their oral health.

 Often with cavities, there are no symptoms, particularly in the early stages. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular dental visits! It allows your dentist to keep an eye on any potential issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Catching it in the early stages can make a huge difference in how we treat your cavity. It also gives us a chance to manage any symptoms, like pain or even further damage. In untreated cases, cavities or tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. Or even the need for a more intense procedure like a root canal.

Dental fillings, as we mentioned, are one of the most common procedures. It is a material used to repair either a cavity or a crack/fracture in your tooth. It’s a way to close off spots where bacteria can creep in, and prevent any further decay.

There are a few types of fillings:

filling types

  • Composite resin fillings: Aka “white fillings”. Made from tooth-coloured composite resin material. These have become the most popular filling in recent years. They offer a natural look and there are no toxicity concerns as with dental amalgam fillings. Cost-wise, they are slightly more expensive than amalgam fillings. There is also a higher chance of this type of filling breaking versus amalgam. At our Winnipeg dental office, we only offer composite fillings.
  • Silver amalgam fillings: Made up of a mix of metals (silver, copper, mercury, and tin). These are quite visible in the mouth and have decreased in popularity in the last number of years. They are the less expensive option and have a long lifespan. There have been concerns with the mercury content in these fillings.
  • Gold fillings: No longer commonly used, these are created based on a model of your tooth. The filling material combines gold with other metals (ex. copper, silver) to increase durability. These are the most expensive option for fillings and stand out from your natural teeth.

 Whatever type of filling you choose, it’s important to note no filling will last forever. Proper care (regular dental visits and at-home care) can prolong the lifespan of the filling. But, it is likely that you’ll have to replace it at some point.

The Filling Process

At Advanced Dental Arts, we do everything possible to ensure your comfort. This includes before, during, and after your filling appointment.

Filling appointments are a one-visit thing.

  1. cavity fillingMaking sure you’re comfortable in the chair. We’ll set you up with a pair of sterilized set of glasses to protect your eyes.
  2. We’ll freeze your mouth – you won’t even notice we’ve put the freezing in place!
  3. Once your mouth is frozen, we’ll get to work on your filling. We’ll isolate the teeth with a rubber dam to keep the area dry (important for a proper filling).
  4. The next step is cleaning out the decay to ensure there is no further damage to your tooth.
  5. A filling then gets placed into the tooth to replace the part destroyed by decay.

After your appointment

There is a chance that you can experience mild or moderate pain and/or discomfort after your appointment. We recommend taking either acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help with the discomfort. If you have any concerns, it is important you reach out to your dentist. 

Sensitivity is a common after-effect. A good way to help with that is by staying clear of very hot or very cold foods at first. Shifting chewing to the other side of your mouth also helps.

At our Winnipeg dental office, a filling costs between $150 – $400, yet it depends on the level of decay. We never charge above the Manitoba Dental Association fee guide. Our office provides direct billing to most insurance companies and offers payment plans.

Are you someone who deals with anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist? Sleep sedation dentistry is a way to help restore your mouth, without stress.

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