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8 Tips For A Healthy Happy Smile

“Don’t forget to brush your teeth!”

You probably remember those words coming from your parent’s mouths when you were a child. Or, if you are a parent, I can bet it’s something you’re used to saying. And it’s an important reminder because proper dental health can help keep your general health in check too.

Your mouth is full of (mostly harmless) bacteria, which can be kept under control with regular care including brushing and flossing. Without the proper daily brushing and flossing, these bacteria may lead to oral infections (not fun!).


Good oral health doesn’t have to be tricky. Here are 8 dental health tips to help you keep your mouth and teeth sparkling:

  1. How you hold your toothbrush matters. Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle when brushing (not flat) and make sure you get all surfaces – inner, outer, and chewing.
  2. Don’t rush your brush. A thorough brushing should last about 2-3 minutes. Take your time! Get all those nooks and crannies.
  3. Floss is boss. Keep that plaque at bay. Flossing plays a key role in removing it from between your teeth.
  4. Nothing lasts forever. At least your toothbrush doesn’t. Keep it fresh by changing it about every 3 months (take a cue from the seasons!). Watch the bristles for signs of ware – those are a great way to know a fresh one is needed.
  5. Food choice matters. Particulary when it comes to your teeth. We all indulge sometimes, but don’t make sweetened foods (pop, sports drinks, candy) too much of your regular diet. Foods high in calcium are great when it comes to supporting strong and healthy teeth. Things like leafy greens, almonds, yogurt, and cheese.
  6. Fill that water bottle! Drinking enough water throughout the day is good for more than your teeth – it’s good for your overall health. It actually helps your mouth maintain a healthy flow of saliva. And this helps your teeth because it keeps the little particles of food moving around your mouth and keeping them from finding a home in your teeth.
  7. Watch your mouth. Not in that way (although swearing isn’t nice!). As important as regular checkups are, you should keep an eye on your teeth and gums at home too. It’s an easy addition to your daily routine. If anything has changed or seems unusual, note it for your next dental visit. Or, if it’s concerning, give them a call.
  8. Dentists are your friend. Not everyone likes visiting the dentist, we get it. The right dentist will make sure you feel comfortable and safe … and listened to. Find one you trust, and see them regularly. Like every 6 months. Your teeth and mouth will thank you for it.

Teeth are always in fashion. And proper care will ensure they stay with you for years to come.

We’re always here to answer any questions you have about your oral health. Call us, email us, find us on Instagram, whatever you need.